DM Sports Management

DM Sports Management was founded and is managed by former international 400 meter runner and world champion Deon Minor. After serving in the sports management industry for ten years working with 4-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson at Ultimate Performance, Deon started DM Sports Management in 2014 to assist with the careers of athletes as they strive to accomplish and fulfill their dreams on the track.

During his time with Ultimate Performance, Deon managed and guided careers of Olympic gold, silver and bronze medalists, World Champions, National Champions and National Record Holders. He brings the same passion, focus and determination that he showed during his athletic career to the sports management business. As a former athlete, Deon knows the great stress and issues athletes experience while training and competing. His mission is to service clients in such a way that they are able to focus 100% on their training and competitions by making sure that all details are taken care of for them.

The objective at DM Sports Management is to help athletes achieve their goals by providing the support they need to focus fully on training, competing and helping athletes capitalize on the opportunities available to them as a result of their athletic talent.

In an industry where many management companies have lost sight of their purpose, DM Sports Management was founded to give track and field athletes a better alternative. While many management companies tout the excessive number of clients they represent or their involvement in the organization of track and field competitions, we view this as a distraction from the commitment to giving clients the full and personalized attention for which they hire us. We focus on the quality of clients rather than the quantity to ensure each athlete gets the personalized attention he/she needs to achieve optimal success.
Jeremy Wariner
3 x Olympic Games Gold medallist
1 x Olympic Games Silver medallist
5 x World Championships Gold medallist
1 x World Championships Silver medallist
3rd fastest ever in the 400 meters (43.45)
Javier Culson
1 x Olympic Games Bronze medallist
2 x World Championships Silver medallist
Puerto Rican National Record Holder (400h)